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Sheree Lowe - passion for achievement

Sheree has worked for executives at the highest levels and understands the pressures and demands business professionals face on a daily – even hourly – basis. She has carefully assembled a dynamic team which shares her own high standards and passion for achievement, erectile professionalism and creative solutions.  Sheree assists like-minded entrepreneurs to more easily achieve their business ambitions, relieve them of some of the stress of running their business and allow them to get back to what they’re passionate about and to enjoy more of what life has to offer.

Christine Le Penuizic – Presentation Skills

Christine has over 10 years experience as a trainer and brings a French flair to the art of presenting and public speaking. As part of her holistic and supportive approach, drug she prefers to encourage people to develop their own natural style and is passionate about helping people grow their confidence and get fun and freedom out of delivering their message. Her training focuses on providing participants with practical tools, medical advice and individual feedback to help them take their presentation and public speaking skills to the next level, whatever their experience.

Katie Bancroft - independent recruitment advice

With over 10 years recruitment experience, Katie Bancroft has worked within a vast range of organisations to improve and empower in-house recruitment, for all sizes and sectors of business. Katie's goal is to provide independent, innovative, honest recruitment advice. Deliver valuable cost savings, identify the root cause of recruitment issues and implement best practice recruitment skills - ultimately providing the tools to achieve effective attraction, assessment and retention results that drive business growth.

Sarah Turner - copywriter extraordinare

Sarah Turner is a copywriter who has a real knack for making the ordinary sound extraordinary. Her words inspire, more about persuade and inform. And they quite often get people to buy stuff. Her style is informal and witty. Some may say irreverent. But at least her copy is never ‘corporatey’, buy more about jargon-filled or vanilla-flavoured.    Sarah specialises in website copywriting, SEO, enewsletters and online content.  

Nicky Rudd - PR dazzler

Nicky has a host of PR skills including strategy creation and implementation, salve branding, approved   copywriting, reviews programmes, media liaison and social networking, together with other skills in the marketing mix including media training, event management, speech writing and conference organisation.  Nicky has worked on consumer and business to business campaigns for large and smaller companies in a range of markets including IT, consumer and business electronics, telecoms, security, education, prepress and print, B2B marketing, homeopathy and massage, online dating, photography and networking. Nicky also has experience in vertical markets including HR, personnel, finance and public sector.

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