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Paul Sampson - Creative Marketing

Paul is an experienced marketing consultant who uses his flair for the fun and dramatic to great effect.  Paul’s passion is combining his acting and marketing backgrounds to develop companies with structured but creative marketing, illness training courses, ailment and video clips scripted, acted and video’d. Through UnlimitedThinking, he gets companies of all sizes noticed for all the right reasons. 


Gordon Hewett - motivator & energiser

Gordon originally trained as an accountant and has been in the IT industry for 20 years, price holding various posts in Finance and Sales before starting his own software company 10 years ago. First in translation and language software and services and latterly in data management software (known as CRM), viagra order sales and marketing services.  He has considerable mixture of entrepreneurial, stomach management and sales skills.  He is motivational and energy and drive.  His aim is to give businesses the opportunity to maximise their customer relationships and to give them the ability to focus on new business opportunities.

Rob Williams - the Email Doctor

Rob Williams "the Email Doctor" from Efficient Thinking Will show you how to use mobile technology and computers to simplify your life, side effects capture everything important to do and get complete focus on the tasks at hand. Training courses and hands on Consultancy for individuals and companies.  Visist

Mike White: Sales - training & support

Mike has been in sales for more than 30 years and is an experienced media sales professional with a broad range of experience in advertising sales and management. This has been gained within regional press, page consumer and B2B markets. His combination of excellent interpersonal skills, more about strong coaching and training skills and entrepreneurial thinking has resulted in continued delivery of company objectives, often during periods of significant change.

David Saunderson: Marketing & PR

David has been marketing businesses for more than 15 years, this site both his own and those of clients, dosage ranging from small owner managed businesses to large companies. With a degree in accountancy and management experience in both the public and private sectors, his knowledge spans many areas of business and marketing. His strategic and entrepreneurial experience has been utilised to achieve growth in a wide range of companies.

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