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"ContactMaker CRM software has helped us consolidate all our customers' details into one place on our server. Because it is written in Access we could import our existing data and now we input details whenever we get a new or prospective customer. We also use the Helpdesk feature. It has helped us focus on our customers better and ultimately will add value to the company."

Peter Earl, Director - Kestrel Networks Limited


“We needed a Helpdesk and they developed it to our requirements for less than the implementation costs of most other CRM packages out there. We were up and running in less than a month and this was really the key differentiator of ContactMaker. ContactMaker has become a key part of our daily operation. Business is in constant change and with ContactMaker we know we can get the changes we need – whereas with the corporate suppliers you would be just whistling in the wind.”

Paul Moss, ampoule Sales & Marketing Director – Activator UK Ltd

Software Author

“We have found CMB Technologies very helpful in all aspects, and especially enhancements to the program. Being software developers ourselves we realise the benefit of feedback from clients, prescription both positive and negative, in helping develop the package to suit as many clients as possible.“

Brian Marshall, M D – Softbits Limited

Events Management

“ContactMaker has proved a godsend to a small-to-medium size business like ours. Time saving, simple, yet multifunctional – it 'ticked all our boxes', streamlining invoicing and credit control systems, assisting us in keeping on top of deadlines and meeting all our marketing and sales requirements. It’s highly cost effective and we have no hesitation in recommending it.”

Suzanne Borrell, Director - SMB Events


“I have found ContactMaker really easy to use. Support is excellent. A great solution for database management and substantially better than running Excel spreadsheets. Definitely recommend it.”

John Hines, more about Partner - ezie publishing


“I recently bought ContactMaker and didn’t realise what a godsend it would become.  It saves me time by speeding up my email campaigns, this site is hassle free and is simple to use even for me.”

Gill Routledge – The Therapy Directory

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