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Who Here Likes Cold Calling

Article from Tabitha Gray of ICanProve.IT 

Who Here Likes Cold Calling


This was the ‘tag line’ opening question for someone’s introduction at a recent networking event. In hindsight, look I realise the object of the question was stunned silence, so I probably threw a spanner in the works when my hand shot up and I shouted ‘Me!’ 2pexels photo 29594 2

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How Good is Your Memory?

I became a Grandfather last week and that got me thinking...

Thinking about the benefits of CRM software and keeping in touch with your customers and prospects. 

So what’s that got to do with being a Grandfather?              is my ex thinking about me 5       


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Here’s a tip on how to get business appointments


You need a reason to call someone or contact them.  A Woman in Meeting2 1024x682

A direct sales pitch can put them off you and also it can be harder to ask the contact the vital question/s.

How about, viagra sale instead of going directly into a sales pitch and trying to organise a meeting at their office, website why not ask the person to your networking group meeting and have a one to one with them there.  Either during the meeting or after the meeting has finished.

Why not offer the person a bit more to entice them and seal meeting. What, I hear you say. 

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The power of the pause…..


Think about powerful messages and their delivery.  Whatever you are selling and whoever you are selling to, pills pause your way through and be refreshing, with a vibrant and engaging approach to your customers.  You want to be remembered for all the right reasons and you will be! business gesture 1511534a

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Not another business card? What shall I do with it?

Is that how you feel at networking events? Yet another stranger, approved with whom you firmly believe you have nothing in common, approved has thrust their business card at you,  smiling expectantly and asking “Shall we meet for coffee?” all you can think is, “great, another business card to add to the pile. Another wasted networking event.” And you’d be right.businesscards1

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