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Is Your Data Secure, Can you Access it Immediately & Is it Relevant


Here we are at the holiday time of the year, patient  so this is a good topic to tackle ...


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So, you have your CRM system...spreadsheet, paper, business cards, address books, mobile phone,  tablet, laptop.   Various bits of data in various places.  How secure is it all, how secure are your customers details and most importantly, how secure are you that you feel completely in control of your business?


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How everyone has a CRM don't they?

Why you can only work with a proper CRM system.... Everyone has a CRM system. 

But what format does that take... A spreadsheet....a box card index....a folder of all sorts...

Plus a diary.....and a pad....and an address book....

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Spending time which is actually wasting time ploughing through various forms of storage, look trying to get a picture of your business, cialis 40mg trying to get a picture of your top customers spending habits.... Trying to build a picture of seasonal or regional spend.  Trying...


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Listen to your intuition



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We all have a wealth of knowledge and experiences inside of us. Often we will know, cheap at a soul level, more about what we need to do and say, what direction we need to go in and what decision we need to make. It is this knowing that we call our intuition.


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Can you make more out of what you have from your CRM software


What I'm saying is, if you have a data base, a CRM or Contact Management system there maybe opportunities to boost your revenue.

How, I hear you ask!

Well, most CRM software systems allow you to store all sorts of information in different ways to allow you to drill down.

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So, there are a number of ways you can look at this:


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How Can Meditation Help us To Be More Successful in Business?


Meditation, patient or stilling and focusing the mind, has many benefits for our health. It reverses the physiological effects of stress and allows us to feel more calm, centred and relaxed. In our busy lives and fast-paced careers, all this is very helpful to our long term well-being. In business though, we also need to be able to think clearly and make quick and effective decisions; we need to have strategic insight and, at times, strategic foresight; we need to be both a team player and a visionary leader and we need the capabilities to be able to get along with, and communicate to, many different types of people. So how can meditation help with all of these essential skills?


Let’s go back and look at how our brains actually function during meditation to answer this question.


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