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One way to earn more money

By removing the slowdowns and blockages from your business


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As a small business we try and do everything - "Jack of all trades, Master ..." - yes you know the rest.

Well let's blow these slowdowns and blockages away - find associates, partners, experts for your business.

You outsource all the stuff you are slow at or don't like doing to these guys.

Think about the saving in time - imagine it takes a PA 30 minutes on something that takes you 4 hours.

Imagine then how much more customer work you could do in those 4 hours.

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How well are you repeating business?

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“Profit in business comes from repeat customers; customers that boast about your product and service, cost and that bring friends with them” – W. Edwards Deming

Attracting new customers costs 5 – 8 times as much as attracting business from existing customers. Our customers already know us, viagra order already trust us and are already part way through the purchasing cycle. So we should make sure we focus some effort on existing customers to encourage repeat business.


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10 jobs you can outsource to a Personal Assistant

10 jobs you can outsource to a Personal Assistant
You’ve see the blurb how a PA can save you time, pilule free you up, hospital make you more focused, improve the work/life balance etc.

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Yes yes you say – what are the actual things they can do that might help me ...


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Part 3 - HOW to improve your performance using Customer database software

  • Always try to keep your data up to date.
  1. Keep your system live - enter customer data as it happens - discipline
  2. For a new contact, site record data from business cards with where, when you met, their business type and what you are doing for them
  • When prompted by the system, make sure you close out actions and reminders on time
  1. When it is fresh in your mind
  2. Include follow-up actions and reminders
  3. Your contact history is now up to date – how good is that
  • Set up your database to reflect your business
  1. A good database should be adaptable and flexible
  2. For a database to work effectively it needs fit in with your business
  • Originate communications through your database
  1. From the above actions, your customer history is both complete and accurate so you can now use your database as the communications hub for emails, e-marketing, phone, text, letters etc
  2. This structure will create a discipline
  3. Code your customers to make sure you’re sending the right kind of mail to each customer type
  4. Email your quotes and invoices and keep control of them
  • Plan your daily, weekly and monthly tasks
  1. Actions and reminders are a great prompt and a start point for you and your team’s working day, week and month
  2. Allows you to focus on your customers & prospects
  3. Prioritise your actions and tasks

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Part 2 - What you get out of using a Contact Database


WHAT can you get out of using a database


  • More business from      existing customers – how
    • repeat business – trends       frequency cross/up selling
    • haven’t heard for a while      
    • Follow ups – see how they       got on - feedback
  • New business
    • Prospecting – CRM is       great for this
    • Not missing appointments       - time/day
    • Responding after meetings       - reminders
    • Quote reminders – follow       ups – business not lost
  • Time saving
  1. Quicker look up – all in one place
  2. Just imagine finding details on a spread sheet – each delay adds up to a considerable time each month
  • Happier customers – Why
    • Improved service       level/customer satisfaction
    • Leads to more       referrals/case studies - recommend       to others

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