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Is Rooney right to stay?

The view from Mars:  cosmic insights from the football astrologer Alan Ayre

Wayne Rooney was worried. Would Manchester United win anything now that it appeared that they couldn’t compete with Real Madrid, mind Chelsea and Man City for the best (most expensive) players?

But did he really have cause for concern? Maybe, but then again he could take some comfort from history: a good team has players who complement each other, said Sven-Goran Eriksson or as Sir Alf Ramsey famously explained to Jack Charlton (not the best centre half in the world, or even England) well, Jack, I don’t necessarily pick the best players...but you are quite a good tackler and good in the air, and I need those things...(what Alf really meant was he needed Jack to complement Bobby Moore). What Wayne really needs is someone to complement him (especially since Carlos Tevez moved to Man City< and can Sir Alex Ferguson provide that special partner. After all, telepathic partners have compatible cosmic links: not only is the star sign (position of the sun in the horoscope) important, the position of Mars (the warrior) is vital: e.g. Rooney (Sun Scorpio Mars Virgo) enjoyed a good partnership with Tevez (Mars Scorpio) and, if you remember, he did very well playing alongside Henrik Larsson (Sun Virgo). Instinctively Wayne must know that there is something not quite right in his link up play with Berbatov (Sun Aquarius Mars Aquarius) and, similarly, when he plays alongside Peter Crouch (Sun Aquarius Mars Aquarius) - for England - they look like strangers.

However, with Rooney as the main striker, Paul Scholes (Sun Scorpio Mars Scorpio) at the hub of the side, Rio Ferdinand (Sun Scorpio) at the centre of defence and Van der Sar (Sun Scorpio) in goal, United have a strong spine, but, you may be saying: yes, Scholes is important if United are to get the best out of Rooney, but Paul is coming to the end of his career, what then? Well, what about Darron Gibson (Sun Scorpio) stepping up? Whatever, you may also be saying, Wayne needs a strike partner on his wavelength, so? Well, Sir Alex could push Fletcher (Mars Scorpio) further forward, completely restructure midfield / attack, or better still sign a competent, under-valued, Virgoan target man – and Ferguson may just know where to find him.

For more astro-logical insights order your copy of FOOTBALL AIMS FOR THE STARS – How the constellations can affect planet football, by AK Ayre from Matador; also visit

Referrals from your biggest fans

Your customers need to be your biggest fans.....

The cheapest form of advertising is referrals from satisfied customers.

TRUE ...BUT you need to condition this - it will not happen on its own ...

So, when you've completed a piece of work, installed a successful system, like a Contact Management/CRM system, or delivered the order, ask your customer if they are happy with it? (If not, be ready to put that right!)

If they are happy, then ask them. If required, then tell them, "I am trying to grow my business" (A positioning statement) Ensure the customer knows why you want it. Is there anyone they know who would need this, you can talk to or they can introduce you to.

Intimacy With Your Customers

One of the best things about a Contact Management (CRM) database is the way it allows you to build your relationship with your customer

How do you achieve this

Here are some examples:

  • The history – allows you to refer back to things – customer will like it that you can remember all this detail
  • follow up when you haven’t talked to them for a while – gets you a new order maybe and ensure that they don’t go anywhere else and will keep the relationship alive
  • Remembered conversation – refer back to their ski trip in January or their new house etc
  • birthdays & anniversaries –but also for their birthday you could send them a card not only at Christmas in some businesses this is a nice way of keeping the personal touch going
  • personal details – partners name, viagra children, malady dog owner hobbies etc
  • a sale has a number of stages – sometimes businesses fail to deliver properly by using CRM you can ensure that the customer has a good personal experience with you

Remember that a good database will allow you to get more intimate with your customer to the level you require

The benefits of a good CRM system

A good database, store i.e. CRM or Contact Management system, is not only a tool for your company to use, it will also help drive your business forward.

It will create a number of benefits –

  • Anyone can pick up the information
  • Time saving
  • Easy to understand and follow
  • You can plan to deadlines and be on time
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Be in tune with your customers - use the information
  • Sets standards and disciplines
  • Helps you plan, manage and monitor
  • Its your communication controller

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