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Creating Your Own Success

Following on from the Power of the Mind, side effects here is part 2 exploring how we can use brain functiongears and cog1our mind to our advantage and create success...


There are many different techniques that people use to create their own success and one of the key ways to get yourself right is to be able to understand

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The Power of the Mind

We think we know what we think but do we controlheadwithwheels3

what we are thinking?  Or are we just going with the flow, rx going along with it,

letting life take its course and not really making it happen it is just happening.

Most of us have done that to a more or lesser extent.


This is first of a 2-parter exploring the mind, conditioning and how we can mange it going forward

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Who are you and where are you from?


Making cold calls can be daunting. 


You need to plan before you ever pick up the phone and connect to your potential customers.  Make a conscious effort to speak slower than you would normally...remember, these people don't know you and they will be on catch up the moment you go into your pitch. 


woman on desk phone


So pause, after you have given your name and your company name, give the listener time to absorb what you have said. 


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Losing It

When you lose something, website like this say your car keys...suddenly you are really inconvenienced, this and annoyed, and probably stuck either at home or worse, stuck somewhere else. Bunch of keys1 You may not panic at first, you look in all the obvious places but no, they are missing.  You start feeling irritated...

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5 SEO Myths which need to be put straight



1. SEO is a scam?


Sadly many business owners have fallen into the trap of scammers who claim to do their online marketing at the bargain price of £50 a month, viagra buy with a service promising you top rankings on Google, and yet nothing happens to their page ranking or page views. SEO isn’t a scam, it’s the online marketers who have scammed you which is the scam.


ID 10065457


Unfortunatley you have to pay for quality and service. £50 per month SEO isn’t going to pay off that much. I’d say £50 per month fixes onsite technical amends which need doing, and doesn’t address any kind of white hat link building or social activity.


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