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When you lose something, website like this say your car keys...suddenly you are really inconvenienced, this and annoyed, and probably stuck either at home or worse, stuck somewhere else. Bunch of keys1 You may not panic at first, you look in all the obvious places but no, they are missing.  You start feeling irritated...

if you need to be somewhere, you may have to phone and explain you will be late.  Embarrassing! You may be seeing an important client, or your bank manager, you may have waited weeks for the appointment and now….you cannot get there.  Think about how either scenario would make you feel.

You can get a new set of keys, you probably have a spare set so really all is not lost, just inconvenienced.  Now imagine that you have lost all your business data because, you didn't bother to back it up.  Whilst many of you will back up in the cloud, many will not.  So now, you haven't just lost something you can replace, you have lost your whole business.   How are you feeling now?

What can you remember about your clients?   Do you have some old out of date spreadsheets that you can look at….or do you just have a not so reliable memory.  You really will lose it, in fact, you could lose everything because you did not back up your data.  If you keep everything pertaining to your business on your laptop or and tablet, and this is not backed up anywhere, what would happen if your laptop was stolen, or it corrupted?

The golden rule is to back up the file, spreadsheet or document at least once every hour, the worst you have to think about then is one hour's data which hopefully you could recall.  Make sure your data back-up is done daily. Think about how you would feel if your bank, doctor, or supplier did not back up their data and lost your information… would think them incompetent, they would be incompetent, so don't put yourself or your business at risk.

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