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Who are you and where are you from?


Making cold calls can be daunting. 


You need to plan before you ever pick up the phone and connect to your potential customers.  Make a conscious effort to speak slower than you would normally...remember, these people don't know you and they will be on catch up the moment you go into your pitch. 


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So pause, after you have given your name and your company name, give the listener time to absorb what you have said. 




They weren't expecting your call so they need time to tune into you!   Always get the name of the person you are speaking to, write it down and thank them for it.


Write a script for yourself and stick to it...write the word PAUSE in where you need to...


practice with colleagues until you sound relaxed….you will be relaxed when you know exactly what you are going to say….


you will have far more control of the call….you will get a better outcome.   Don't ever use slang, swear or use acronyms.   Your customers will switch off if you confuse or insult them.


Give your customers time to think….a silence is not a bad thing...don't try and fill those silences with more information, kicking off the need for your customer to listen and not give any consideration to what you have already said. 


If they ask for a minute to consider what you have said then give them that not take it as a licence to do some more talking!


Keep the call short, time is money for both of you.  Ensure your script covers all the relevant points,   and include those pauses and ensure that the call doesn't unravel at the end. 


Remind the customer of your name and company, obtain their email address and follow up your call with a short email confirming what you have agreed in the call. 


Always maintain a professional manner both in person on the phone and in email.  You are not texting a mate!   Thank them for their time, using their name.


If after giving your pitch, they ask who you are and where you are from...well, you haven't got much right! Find out more about Pauline's phone techniques by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. CMB or visit the website

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