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Following on from the Power of the Mind, side effects here is part 2 exploring how we can use brain functiongears and cog1our mind to our advantage and create success...


There are many different techniques that people use to create their own success and one of the key ways to get yourself right is to be able to understand

what it means to be relaxed and how to relax your body and mind totally.  This will allow your mind to be receptive to any suggestions that you make.

Lets just think about what sports people do – teams that are uptight don't win – only the teams that are relaxed win because they have conditioned themselves to know what to do next.  So for you to be able to do well in life you have got to know what to do next.  Most people just don't know what to do next. 

So how do we go about changing?  Most people feel that they do have a destination but they actually don't know how to get there.  What they do is the same thing day after day and never really getting anywhere. 

So what I would like to do first of all is to show you the difference between being uptight and being really relaxed.


Uptight and Angry

So if you would like to join in this experience, then the first thing I would like you to do is to think about something that made you really angry and lets really get that real anger, express it on your face or whatever it takes.  Ok, so with that anger going on did you feel relaxed?  Did you feel comfortable with what was going on?  No I am sure you didn’t.   Imagine going through life feeling this all the time which is how most of us are a lot of the time.



So now lets do something else.  I'd like you to sit comfortably on your chair with your feet on the ground and your hands resting on your lap.  Now take a deep breath in and as you exhale just close down your eyes.  And now lets go into a real tranquil place, I want you to imagine your own tranquil place, maybe lying on the bank of a slow running river,  or maybe on the sea shore listening to the softly lapping waves, or maybe a peaceful garden with a waterfall falling into a beautiful stream and the birds singing.  Just image you can hear the birds singing. Do you feel yourself starting to relax, start at the top of your head and feel yourself go limp and heavy.  Just imagine a calm body.  Feel your feet on the ground and your chair supporting the weight of your body as you just relax.  Let the sounds around you drift off into the distance.  Concentrate on your breathing and, in your mind’s eye, see yourself relaxing in that special favourite place.  Whatever it is, make it your very own special place which you can return to in this way whenever you want.  



And now that you are so relaxed and your mind is open you can visualise your ideal reality, bring your pictures to life as if watching a movie, see yourself doing the things that you want to do and being the person that you want to be, turn up the colour and intensity of that image in your mind.  Make it strong, make it powerful.

And, when you are ready and in your own time, just open your eyes, feeling fantastic!

So you have felt what its like to be in an uptight state and now what its like to be in a relaxed state.  What I have given you is just a brief indication of that wonderful feeling of relaxation. 

Now imagine because we are so active in our everyday lives, our conscious mind is just running at a thousand miles an hour and our subconscious mind, which is the one that responds automatically and is able to supply the information that we need, the two never really meet.  What we need to do is to get to a stage where they actually meet and also that they work together in harmony. 

So imagine getting all the information you need to be ultra successful.  Now that can only happen when you are in this state it cant happen otherwise.  As much as you keep trying to be successful that’s all you will be doing is trying to be successful.   You will never really taste true success until you are able to put yourself into a completely relaxed state because that is when you are most receptive and that is when you perform at your peak.  Let’s take tennis, when you see players that are uptight what they are doing is playing not to lose and all they are thinking is “I am not going to lose”, “I'm not going to lose” and so they lose, because their subconscious mind is thinking about losing. 

But when they play to win they are totally relaxed and they have an absolute belief in what they are doing and the winning is just part of the equation. 

Winning in life is all about preparing to win and most people think they are going to lose and so they do.  You are constantly fighting the battle of not losing.

One of the key things is knowing how to programme yourself so you are then ready for peak performance and results.  We go through this feeling of relaxation every time we go to sleep at night but because of not knowing how to use it correctly we actually set ourselves up for failure the next day. 

So now that you know how to relax your mind and body completely you will be able to use your imagination to visualise and practice being the person you want to be and doing the things you want to do.

The mind is so powerful and if we use it in a positive way we can achieve whatever we want to achieve.


This concludes my final part of the power of the mind (part 1) and how to use it to create your own success. You can contact Jane by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit her website for further information

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