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The power of the pause…..


Think about powerful messages and their delivery.  Whatever you are selling and whoever you are selling to, pills pause your way through and be refreshing, with a vibrant and engaging approach to your customers.  You want to be remembered for all the right reasons and you will be! business gesture 1511534a

Use pausing to give gravitas to your message.  Let the listener absorb and consider your words. Don't babble on trying to fill silences…..silences are thinking time for your listener….and also for you.


Pace your conversations….you will have heard it all you will tend to speed up, especially if you want to get to the exciting bit!   It's all new to your listener so remember that they shouldn't be rushed along...they need to process what you've said.  By the way, if you have heard what you are saying hundreds of times before...then change what you are saying.  Why not inject some new life into your script. It will sound more exciting for you and the listener.


Here’s how ....


Type it up and move words around...replace certain words with more compelling ones, make your sentences more captivating.  Give your listener something exciting to think about...the English language is so rich and with such breadth; ensure you use it to get your message over.  Pause after each memorable statement  You want your listener to be with you throughout the conversation. You want your listener to remember the statements.


An example ....


One of the world’s greatest speeches “I had a dream...” from Martin Luther King – is made up of small statements and pauses to create the great effect,


But it's not all about you talking is it?   Ensure your questioning is skillful, tactful, open ended of course and do not fire questions machine gun style.  Questions should be interspersed within your script to keep the attention and interest of your listener.  You are having a conversation here, so you should not be interrogating your listener.


For more tips, or a bespoke script written especially for you and your business, please contact CMB Technologies by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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