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Here’s a tip on how to get business appointments


You need a reason to call someone or contact them.  A Woman in Meeting2 1024x682

A direct sales pitch can put them off you and also it can be harder to ask the contact the vital question/s.

How about, viagra sale instead of going directly into a sales pitch and trying to organise a meeting at their office, website why not ask the person to your networking group meeting and have a one to one with them there.  Either during the meeting or after the meeting has finished.

Why not offer the person a bit more to entice them and seal meeting. What, I hear you say. 

Well how about also suggesting there are people at the meeting you will introduce them to if they come. Even better, actually match them up with specific people where there is a synergy. Also when you are initially talking, if you can ask them specific questions on the type of customers or suppliers they are looking for, then your task of matching and introducing will be easier to achieve and look more impressive.

Say the original sales pitch had worked and you got an appointment – how much time did you spend on calls before you got the Yes. How long did it take to travel there and back? How long was the interview?  What are the scenarios once you are there? They are busy and can’t see you, they have double booked or got called to an urgent meeting.  They cut short the meeting before you had started or you were half way through. Of course you could have also been passed down the ranks to see someone at a lower level.

So by getting them to come to a meeting you were already going to is a time efficient solution and by offering them others you will be a star and furthermore you can hold their hand and do the introductions and show them the ropes, as well as giving them the insider view.  How good is that, you have a guaranteed meeting.

Not only do they have a productive and worthwhile time and meet potential customers and suppliers, you get your appointment and if it went well you then have a good opportunity to take it further. 

The scenario is WIN WIN

YOU – got your appointment
THEY - have met new people, some targeted and they will love you for that, especially if you introduced them to someone significant for their business or life.

To find out more about getting the best from networking or CRM then drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone per website

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