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How Good is Your Memory?

I became a Grandfather last week and that got me thinking...

Thinking about the benefits of CRM software and keeping in touch with your customers and prospects. 

So what’s that got to do with being a Grandfather?              is my ex thinking about me 5       


That’s the great thing about CRM/Contact Management someone can record the information about your great news...

So let's project 12 months ahead from NOW

How nice it would be then, that in a year’s time I get a call from one of my suppliers and after the preliminaries they say and how is your lovely granddaughter doing? 

How nice of someone to ask. How's that going to make you feel.  You'd love it and wouldn’t you look more favourably on that person, wouldn’t the question break the ice and put you at ease...


Well they could be asking another question about your holiday or moving house for example. It could also be a business related question as well like how did the office move go, how was the product launch etc.

Remembering things about your customers scores you big brownie points. I LIKE it when someone does that to me.  I will look favourably on them. You are not a number but a person. By your supplier recognising that you are more likely to do business with them because you will LIKE them.  That person on the end of the phone is getting recognition as well, they may have had a bad day, so whether that's in their private or in thire corporate life, you have just brightened their day.

SO would you like to rely on your memory...

Or, would you like to full proof it by recording it on to your CRM database. Knowing my memory and the busy life I lead, I know what I would be doing...


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