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The Contacts module is the core element of Contact Maker Business.  It enables you to manage all your contacts efficiently and effectively.  It was designed with the busy business person and executive in mind.  All the modules are easy to use, page with quick access through multi level searches. In fact it now stores your most popular and your most recent searches. You are also able to store documents and photographs and log notes against any contact and you can create multiple contacts under one organisation.  The Contacts screen allows you to categorise your contacts in a multi-level way. From the screen you can get to almost any part of the program including the other modules. Create emails, view labels, generic transfer the details to Outlook and make phone calls by auto-dialling from the Contact screen. Its communications log is one of the key features of ContactMaker allowing you to create a history for each contact.   It has a great reminder system that allows you to create tasks and all actions required over anytime period.  This allows you to schedule and plan campaigns with customers and prospects as well as ensure quotes are followed up and invoices done on time.  Reminders for meetings can be diarised in to Outlook Calendar.  Create and manage Contact groups for Campaigns, product launches, mail shots, phone campaigns etc.  Manage SMS text messaging from your PC to mobile phones as reminders for appointments, meetings or campaigns. Create your own headings and fields and customise existing headings and fields to suit your business requirements.  Link contacts and meetings to your phone. Create customised reports from reminders, communications and other aspects of your contacts. Other features include badges for events and pasting contact details into emails and letters.


Create Quotes and invoices in minutes or less. Set up product and service details and pricing, viagra sale product groups and units of measurements. You can also create different layouts i.e. templates for invoices and quotes to represent your different services and products and you can change and amend these layouts at will. Quotes automatically create 7 day reminders and Invoices create overdue reminders if required. All invoices and quotes are filed against the contact. create detailed information on your invoiced items so that you can create a data base of the products supplied for indentification, view maintenace, pills upgrades and support. These records are stored against the Contact and can be used in the help Desk module for support. you can do repetive invoicing and annual invoices and mark off monthly payments. Easy to use and fast so you can change from a quote to an invoice with the minimum of effort. Flexible reporting is available enabling you to create user layouts and templates. The invoice data can be exported for use in an Accounts package.

Task Tracker

Plan and manage your jobs and projects effectively and efficiently.  A great add on, diagnosis that fully integrates with Contacts.  Set up key stages for the project task, user defined and designed, assign tasks, build in recurring tasks, such as - reporting, invoicing, meetings. All the modules are interlinked so you are able to create quotes and invoices and link into the reminder system. Furthermore sdd notes and hyperlink documents to the job or project at the various stages. Track all the tasks within a project, enabling one to make valued and sound business decisions.  Use the reporting functions to dreate your own user defined reports.

Sales Tracker

Sales Tracker is an ideal module for managing a sales team and enables one to Monitor and manage your sales prospects effectively. One will know the progress of the prospective business that your sales team are bidding for.  One can set up the different stages of the sales prospect, capsule creating a funnel affect, malady allowing one to follow the pipeline. The module links in with the Contacts module i.e. reminders, more about communications log as well as quoting and invoicing. Customised reporting is available to monitor the progress of sales campaign pipeline, enabling one to analyse by sales person, business type etc. This module will link in with Quoting which is within the Invoicer module.  It will also link with all the other modules of ContactMaker.

Campaign Manager

This feature allows you to manage a one-off or ongoing campaign to any number of contacts. You can initiate the campaign and follow up on all actions necessary to complete the process.   Used either with individual companies or in conjunction with a contact group, this web you can maintain a much better degree of control of where you stand with any new project. Create a Contact group for the event, purchase then in Campaign Manager create a list of actions rerequired for the event.  Once set up you can action and monitor the list you created.  Links in with Contacts, invoicing, reminders, emails etc.While many companies may use Campaign Manager for a new sales campaign, product launches, seminars and exhibitions. This feature could be used for any other aspects of your business that needs ongoing control and management. Other uses are for Helpdesk Management, Purchasing, Staff Evaluation and Monitoring.

Help Desk Manager

The module Help Desk Manager, look within ContactMaker, allows an organisation to Log all support and fault calls in to an easy to use call logging system. This will allow you to run an effective help desk, which integrates completely with the Contacts and other modules.  As you are logging a support call there will be a helpful wizard for fast handling.  You can record the serial number of the faulty item and let the wizard link the query to the products and services the Contact/customer has bought from you. Once recorded you can set a priority level for resolving this logged fault.  The Help Desk Manager then will create a job card for resolving this logged fault and allocate to a person to rthe task.  It will create the necessary tasks/actions to resolve the issue, with automatic reminders. The client is emailed at the start of the action to reassure speedy resolve. The Help Desk Manager can track all cases, outstanding, closed and its current position through reports and quick search routines. It will raise actions for invoicing which links into the Invoicer module above. Help Desk Manager is ideal for any business supplying or maintaining equipment to and for customers.  The Help Desk links with all other modules in ContactMaker.

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