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The Contacts module is the core element of Contact Maker Business.  It enables you to manage all your contacts efficiently and effectively.  It was designed with the busy business person and executive in mind.  All the modules are easy to use, page with quick access through multi level searches. In fact it now stores your most popular and your most recent searches. You are also able to store documents and photographs and log notes against any contact and you can create multiple contacts under one organisation.  The Contacts screen allows you to categorise your contacts in a multi-level way. From the screen you can get to almost any part of the program including the other modules. Create emails, view labels, generic transfer the details to Outlook and make phone calls by auto-dialling from the Contact screen. Its communications log is one of the key features of ContactMaker allowing you to create a history for each contact.   It has a great reminder system that allows you to create tasks and all actions required over anytime period.  This allows you to schedule and plan campaigns with customers and prospects as well as ensure quotes are followed up and invoices done on time.  Reminders for meetings can be diarised in to Outlook Calendar.  Create and manage Contact groups for Campaigns, product launches, mail shots, phone campaigns etc.  Manage SMS text messaging from your PC to mobile phones as reminders for appointments, meetings or campaigns. Create your own headings and fields and customise existing headings and fields to suit your business requirements.  Link contacts and meetings to your phone. Create customised reports from reminders, communications and other aspects of your contacts. Other features include badges for events and pasting contact details into emails and letters.

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