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Create Quotes and invoices in minutes or less. Set up product and service details and pricing, viagra sale product groups and units of measurements. You can also create different layouts i.e. templates for invoices and quotes to represent your different services and products and you can change and amend these layouts at will. Quotes automatically create 7 day reminders and Invoices create overdue reminders if required. All invoices and quotes are filed against the contact. create detailed information on your invoiced items so that you can create a data base of the products supplied for indentification, view maintenace, pills upgrades and support. These records are stored against the Contact and can be used in the help Desk module for support. you can do repetive invoicing and annual invoices and mark off monthly payments. Easy to use and fast so you can change from a quote to an invoice with the minimum of effort. Flexible reporting is available enabling you to create user layouts and templates. The invoice data can be exported for use in an Accounts package.

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