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The module Help Desk Manager, look within ContactMaker, allows an organisation to Log all support and fault calls in to an easy to use call logging system. This will allow you to run an effective help desk, which integrates completely with the Contacts and other modules.  As you are logging a support call there will be a helpful wizard for fast handling.  You can record the serial number of the faulty item and let the wizard link the query to the products and services the Contact/customer has bought from you. Once recorded you can set a priority level for resolving this logged fault.  The Help Desk Manager then will create a job card for resolving this logged fault and allocate to a person to rthe task.  It will create the necessary tasks/actions to resolve the issue, with automatic reminders. The client is emailed at the start of the action to reassure speedy resolve. The Help Desk Manager can track all cases, outstanding, closed and its current position through reports and quick search routines. It will raise actions for invoicing which links into the Invoicer module above. Help Desk Manager is ideal for any business supplying or maintaining equipment to and for customers.  The Help Desk links with all other modules in ContactMaker.

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