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We offer standard courses for getting started and maximising potential. These come in bite size chunks, starting with 2 hours training or training and installation which can last up to a day if you want to become an expert and want to use ContactMaker for a specific use. This can be achieved by tailoring training to client specifications ensuring that we only cover the areas of significance to your organisation. As ContactMaker is Microsoft based you can add training in other areas like Word, Outlook etc to really maximise your business. Remember training helps you gain and maintain the competitive edge.

Ready to Run

Data base transfer – We can transfer your spread sheets, accounting package, outlook and other data into ContactMaker. This will give you no hassle start up, pricing starts from £25 upwards and depends on the amount and complexity of the data transfer.

Card/paper transfer – we have a team of data entry people ready to input your data – recently we did 1200 records for a health spa and they were “Ready To Run” after training in 5 days.

Data cleaning – we can offer a service to remove duplicate contacts, clean up categories, add new fields etc, pricing is cost effective, flexible and tailored to your needs.

Contact Maintenance

You have ContactMaker, but you are constantly receiving new contacts i.e. cards and bits of paper. To save you all the admin and allow you to focus on priorities, we can offer an efficient and cost effective, weekly or monthly update service for you merging your new contacts into the ContactMaker database.

Report creation and Data Linking

We can create specialist reports specific for your business. We are also able to get contact data transferred from you Web Site into ContactMaker so that you can manage all your contacts from one place. You may also want your contacts on your mobile – this we can also arrange. We also have the ability to transfer sales data to Sage financials and other packages to enable you to manage your finances in one place.


Although ContactMaker is a flexible product, there maybe characteristics of your business that differentiate it from others, with our skills in data base construction we are able to create special add on features specifically tailored for your business. Some of the customisation maybe specific to you but others maybe added to ContactMaker’s features ensuring that you get a cost effective price.

Process and Control - Getting the best out of ContactMaker If you are finding it difficult to see how you can adapt your current systems and practices. Then let our team of skilled professionals plan and implement the changes for you. This will give you improved and efficient systems that take advantage and unlock the potential of ContactMaker and enhance the effectiveness of your business. Ask for our free data sheet “Guidelines – Getting the best out of ContactMaker"


Business Writing

Its about promoting your products or business. Whether you have just purchased ContactMaker or are still considering doing so, you will have a need to write and create marketing and technical literature. These may be: letters, emails, mail shots, email shots, newsletters, proposals, sales literature, product or service documentation, manuals. Most people in business are good at verbal communication. However, for many translating their thoughts into a written form is an onerous and uncomfortable task. Also time can be an enemy and writing an important document is often given a low priority. When you are busy running fast to stand still, it is difficult to be creative with your thoughts and transferring those thoughts to hard copy. If you do not have the time or skills, CMB Technologies can help you on an ongoing or ad hoc basis. We can assist you in producing high quality written documents to improve your business opportunities.

Newsletter/mailing/blogging service

You know how important it is to communicate with your customers and prospects; this is usually done by Newsletter or mail-shots. Again you eventually create your first newsletter or mailing but then you have to continue to do so every month, quarter – it’s hard to find the time and motivation to create good quality text. We will also take care of the mailing or emailing on your behalf, plus provide you with a regular blogging service as well. We can provide these services to your business, efficiently and cost effectively, tailored to your needs.

Credit Control

If you are a user of ContactMaker Invoicer and feel you would like help collecting the debts, then why not use the excellent friendly flexible service available through our associates at CMB. On offer are credit control solutions that are tailored to your business, to increase your cash flow, reduce bad debts and improve customer relations. We do not believe that one size fits all so we can offer a service that will work for you, with advice and support tailored to your specific circumstances

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