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Database management can be divided into a number of areas, medicine we can offer free audits to look at your data base requirements and make recommendations for improvement.

Data base transfer – We can transfer your spread sheets, accounting package, outlook and other data into ContactMaker. This will give you no hassle start up, pricing starts from £30 upwards and depends on the amount and complexity of the data transfer.

Card/paper transfer – we have a team of data entry people ready to input your data – recently we did 1200 records for a health spa and they were “Ready To Run” after training in 5 days. pricing depends on the number of fields required.  We also offer a monthly service at £26 for up to 100 cards - for more than this the cost will be pro-rated.

Data cleaning – we can offer a service to remove duplicate contacts, clean up categories, add new fields etc, pricing is cost effective, flexible and tailored to your needs.

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