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5 Tips for good database management

5 Tips for good data base management, sale which will help your improve your personal and your company performance

Always try to keep your data up to date.
  • For existing customers enter data as it happens.
  • For a new contact, here get the information off the business card
  • Use extra resources if required
Ensure you close out actions and reminders when complete
  • When it is fresh in your mind
  • It will trigger follow up actions/reminders
  • Your contact history is up to date
Set up your database to reflect your business
  • A data base should be adaptable and flexible
  • For a database to work effectively it needs fit in with your business model
  • At the same time ensuring that you can run it more effectively
Originate communications through your database
  • Use your database as the communications hub for emails, phone, text,letters etc
  • This will set a discipline and standard and ensure
  • That your contact history is complete and accurate
Plan your daily, weekly and monthly tasks
  • Actions and reminders are a good starting point
  • Allows you to focus on your customers & prospects
  • Allows you to prioritise you actions and tasks

Remember that a good database allows you to bring extra help into cover for sickness or add resources in a growing business.  It will become one of the main assets in your business and will add value when you come to sell it.


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